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aka Bass Whistle / Bass Pennywhistle / Great Bass

"A Basswhistle is a Tinwhistle that is octave below a Low Whistle."

Whistles way down low.     Page Updated: 11-Jan-2018

Pictured here, A 6-key Low-Low-D Basswhistle with Emerald Green Paint and brass keys.  34.5 inches (875 mm) tall.    All Bass keys of C through A are now available.

MP3 Sample  Newer baswhistles have optional piezoelectrice pickup with 1/4" Jack.

Non-Chromatic Diatonic Models play the simple D major scale (diatonic) and designed for 2 octaves.

  Bass-A's are also know as Low-Low-A's, this is the basswhistle version with

 keys to make it easier to play.


  Bass-A $180Bell Note: 220Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-G $180  Bell Note: 196Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-F $180  Bell Note: 174Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-E $180  Bell Note: 165Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-Eb $180 Bell Note: 156Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-D $160 Bell Note: 147Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods

  Bass-C $180 Bell Note: 139Hz, 6 Normally Open Keys jointed by stack rods


  Tuning is standard equal temperament, based on A=440 at 70 Deg. F.

  Some of the higher pitched models do not need the headjoint folded, this is

  optional to the person ordering the whistle.

  Keys are made of Brass, operated by coiled spring loaded stack rod.  

  Close-up photos of key assembly to be posted at a later date.

  Has hookup in back of whistle for Saxophone style neck strap.


  Block is made from wood with aerodynamic inlet profile and

  curved windway.  
  New 2011 design uses Clarinet leaf springs instead of coiled loading springs.
  New photos to come soon.


  Basswhistles have hinge-like keys that allow partial closure for some pitch

  bending by slightly releasing the key.  This allows for special note




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  Colors Available, Emerald Green (in Picture), Lt. Blue, Plum Purple, Glossy  

  Black, Candy Apple Red, Yellow

 MP3 Sample Diatonic Model in Bass-D


Materials:  1 1/2" PVC with brass keys, wood fipple, closed cell foam pads..  Pricing and delivery will be listed on this page in the near future.  





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