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6502 Page

Daniel Bingamon's 6502 Page

The 6502 is a Microprocessor designed by Chuck Peddle and was made by MOS Technology and licensed for manufacturing to several other companies.  One of my favorite micros, used program Assembly language on Commodore 64's and various other Commodore Computer products. 

My first exposure to computers and programming was at Amelia High School in 1980 on a Commodore Pet 2001 Computer with little Tape Drive and Chicklet keyboard.


Any projects that I do concerning the 6502 will be posted on this page.

Starting with the unfinished Machine Language Monitor/Assembler Emulator written in C language - though the project is not yet finished, the disassembler and assembler code and machine language monitor designed to operate like an enhanced machine language monitor (Supermon like).  Those are functional.   The emulator part only has a handful of operations functioning.

Runs as a DOS Application kingsmills.us/6502emm.zip


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