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  Jubilee Music Instruments & Crafts,
  Daniel Bingamon, Maker of Tin Whistles, Folk Music Instruments, Electronics and Crafts.
  Kings Mills, Ohio 45034
  Ph:513-398-8617               NOTE:  Items are handmade not stocked, 4-6 weeks to make then ship

Terms and Conditions

All Whistles and other instruments are made to order.  Typical turn around time is about 3 weeks on average to make the instrument and then whatever additional time it takes for the item to reach it's destination.    Most orders in the workshop are Chronological in nature except I have to take some break with very large orders so that everything else doesn't get terribly behind.  (The Holiday period is very difficult to get things in time and it is recommended to order a month ahead of the holiday.)

The size of the order and complexity of the Instrument both affect the delivery time.
I'm only one person and this is not my day job, I make instruments in the evenings and weekends in-between other events in my life.
I can make a lot of different kinds of instruments but they are not sitting on shelf somewhere.

Orders and can be purchased through Paypal or by Postal Money Order.  
I do some personal checks with people that I know.

In regards to Paypal orders:  Paypal will charge your card immediately at time of purchase unlike store credit cards that deduct at time of shipping.  But this is not so bad since Paypal does have a "Resolution Center" that will freeze the amount of the purchase should some difficulty arise with the purchase. 

I ship Instruments all around the world, anywhere that it is legal to ship to.   My website is very simple, it will not calculate taxes and tarrifs that are required in other countries.    I am however responsible for charging sales tax in the State of Ohio and it is dependant on which county that you might be in.

If you are outside the United States, please be sure to choose the proper type of shipping for you order.   I hate to ask people for more money to cover shipping after the order has been placed - that experience can be prevented by carefully reading the Paypal shipping form.
For unique or special orders, I can can a Paypal invoice.

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