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Instrument Builders Pages

Musical Instrument Building and Instrument Information Links

For those who build instruments and are constantly looking for ideas and information.

And for those who just wish to browse and learn about many kinds of instruments.

Partially Revised: May 26, 2013

This section is dedicated to music instrument building hobbyists

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Jubilee Music Instrument Co. Music Instrument Makers Forum
Bass Clarinet:  A fine Selmer Paris professional Bass Clarinet to low Eb. Devon UK Brass Teacher

French horn player and brass teacher in the Devon area. Instruments taught include trumpet, trombone and french horn.

MIMF Bookstore MIMF Links
Roland Shambry's Instrument Pages Mid-East Mfg Inc

Djembe African Hand Drums, manufactured in Bali – Ika-Mardianti.info

 Sassafras Whistle Rolls

Raison Band Co.

Ethnic Musical Instruments.com

Irish Music Information from County Mayo, Ireland Angel Sampedro's Bamboo Saxes  
Talbert St. Claire Irish Music Links Page


Music Trader and Builders Forum Monty Levenson's Shakuhachi Pages
D. Havlena Homemade Instruments Lark in the Morning Musical Instruments
Folk Instruments Dan Bruners Experiemental Instruments
Sunreed Products Sites for Acousticians
The Verdin Co. - Carillon Maker Automataphonic Instruments
Kelischek Workshop Web Site Mechanical Music Digest: Home Page
Musical Box Society Intl. Musicmaker's Kits, Inc.
Kantele A Finnish Folk Instrument The Waterphone Home Page
Selmer Music Instruments Pearl Drums
Baldwin Piano The Early Music Shop
www.cnocsuain.com Spiddal, Galway Ireland - Have a Tinwhistle holiday

Serpent Music

Aquamarine and gems information. Alba Aerophonics Whistles
Bircham Art Gallery Piano Wire www.askpiano.com

David Williams - Silver Pendants  Description: Thank you for visiting Silver Pendants, your place to buy quality heart pendants, locket pendants, gemstone pendants, cross pendants, men's pendants, and more.


Manufacture of traditionally hand made west african musical instrument ,Djembe , bougarabou, Kpanlogo, talking drums etc ..

africanmusiccircles.com.au/  African Drumming and team building workshops.
















Other Whistle Makers that I share information and keep good alliance with

Colin Goldie Whistles - http://www.colingoldie.de/ Mack Hoover Whistles - http://www.mackhooverwhistles.com/
Alba Whistles - http://www.albawhistles.com/  
 Metronome Tuner, Electronic Pitch Pipe sales, from Wittner, Seiko, Matrix, Korg, & Dr Beat... listen on line... Teachers Discount Music.  


TAXI: the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

















Recorder Home Page


Dolmetsch Online

Music Yellow Pages - Recorders





























Jubilee Music Instrument Co.

Chiff & Fipple: The PreMillennial Tinwhistle Internet Experience

The Plumbers Pipe - PVC Flute

D. Havlena Homemade Instruments

Whistling Low

Chiff & Fipple presents LOW WHISTLES: A Guide

Flute Calculations

Scott Loomis: Native American Style Flutemaker
















Other Woodwinds

Bass Clarinet:  A fine Selmer Paris professional Bass Clarinet to low Eb.

The Clarinet Machine

  International Clarinet Association

Bamboo Saxophone (Xaphoon)

Windplayer Online

Clarinet Modification

HITE Clarinet and Saxophone Site

Gregory Smith Clarinet

CJXN's Index Page


Tangley, vending equipment employing whistles, Calliopes.

Kirkland Concert Band: Clarinet Links

Shop Talk: Moennig Clarinet Barrels


Understanding the operation of auxiliary fingerings on conical double-reed instruments.

Contrabass Clarinet



















Trumpet Player Online


L.A. Trumpets


Devon UK Brass Teacher
French horn player and brass teacher in the Devon area. Instruments taught include trumpet, trombone and french horn.






























The Universe of Bagpipes

Seth Gallagher Uilleann Pipes

Penny Chanter (Uilleann Pipes)

Galician (Spanish) Bagpipes

Swedish Bagpipes

Making Bagpipes by Casey Burns

TWB V1.2: The Making of Reeds on a Metal Staple

Making a Set of Northumbrian Smallpipes

(Not yet revised past this point)






























Charlie Alm's Hammered Dulcimer Book


Ukuleles by Kawika: A Thoughtful Ukulele Website

JustStrings.com Instrument String Catalog

The True History of the Autoharp


Kathy Matsu*bleep*a's "Amateur Luthier" Page

Fret Spacing Calculator

Electric guitar (US4103583)


Johnathan Strong - Handmade Instruments

Cigar Box Guitars




























Crumhorn Home Page

Hurdy Gurdy Page

Another Hurdy Gurdy Site

Larknet Hurdy Gurdy History

Nyckelharpa - by Markus Svensson

ANA: The American Nyckelharpa Association

ANA: Nyckeharpa Plans































Tune It Software - Uses PC sound card

MOZART the music notation processor






























Instrument Building Supplies - Stranger Creek

Elderly Music Co.

JL Smith Instrument Building Supplies

Dremel - Hand Drilling Tools































Klezmer Music

Jewish Music

Irish Music CDs and Videos from Ainm Records

Tammy Widjaja’s Site On Free Piano Lessons

Tammy's African Drums Djembes




























Biblical Instruments (and likeness thereof)

10 String Biblical Harps

Biblical Harps

Beged Ivri

The Shofar Users Manual





























Polymer Clays

Polymer Clay Central

Polyclay FAQ

Beadwrangler Allee Level 10 - Polymer Clay

Polyclay FAQ

Polymer Clay Forum Message Board





























Woodworking, Tools and Instrument Materials

The Woodworkers' Store: Woodworking supplies, hardware, tools and plans

TeachShave by John Gunterman

Electronic Tuners, Pitch Pipes

My Tools and Accessories

American Bamboo Society

WoW Framed Pages

Exotic Woods
















Misc. Links

Aquamarine and gems information.

Eagle Motor Company

Cincinnati Control Dynamics

Shiloh of the South

Wellsprings of Torah

Take Art Lessons

Ohio Beads & Gems

Olive Tree Ministries

The Personal Touch "PT" Store


Tammy Widjaja’s Site On Free Piano Lessons

Tammy's African Drums Djembes

Great Scripturally Illuminated Artwork

Messianic Family Website

Ohio Beads & Gems

Get a low cost Domain name

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